Thursday, June 26, 2014

Overview Page Two

LaGrange is another one of those that is nested on the Colorado River. It is an old Chez town and it is a very beautiful place to visit also. They have a very nice Chez Museum ( which I will wright about later ).
The Frist Museum Building
After visiting the museum for about two hours with Georgia we moved on down the road. After driving for a while we wound up in Columbus, TX.
Columbus's Old Water Tower
The Park on the River
Columbus is another town nested on the Colorado River and It also is a take out spot for the Colorado River Trail. Very quite town on the grow. After we had drove around town and took pictures we moved on down the road. After a good little drive we arrived at The Father of Texas " Stephen F Austin's "
Stephen F Austin Colony

I will wright more about Stephen F Austin later. There is a lot going on with stop.
Well for here we went to The Stephen F Austin's State Park and it is a beautiful park nest on the Brazos River .
I'm Off Duty
From the park  drove to our first camping spot Red Hill Lake.

That is a summery of the frist ten days of our trip.
Until next posting have a great day,

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Overview For the First Ten Days

5/30/2014 to 6/8/2014

Well this is how it's been the first ten days on the road.
Well I left San Antonio around 1 ish on 5/30 headed to my baby sisters in Austin, TX. I got to Austin around 6ish and we had some good supper and by then I was time for me to go to bed due to the med's I take.
Red Flower
I stayed there until Tuesday morning. While I was there we went to one of my favorite Chinese Restraints there in Austin. Then we spent the rest of the time visiting.
Away to parts unknown
Well it is about 9ish Tuesday morning headed to parts unknown.
Bastrop , TX
First stop was Bastrop and this little town is nested rite on the Colorado River and is a Water Trails takeout spot. Well it is time to move to the next stop.
Katy Bed and Breakfast
The next stop was Smithville which is a beautiful little town. Smithville is another one of the Water Trails take out. Smithville is better known as an old railroad town.
Downtown Smithville

Well we have left Smithville And headed to our next stop. We will just have to wait and see where it is going to be. Well we or here at the next stop and it is La Grange, TX.

La Grange's Old Jail

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I know It All

Well good morning to all. Yes I know it all sounds the same, but when your out in the wildness you here all those nice sounds of all the birds singing. It's like this morning some Blue Jays were raising hell in a tree behind me but I did not go and see what it was. Usually when they do that there is a snake up in the tree or a cat.
I did go fishing last night and did not even get a bite ,yell I did get so mosquito bites ( lol ) but no fish bites. I am thinking it was all weather related cause it was lighting all around us last night. But a bad of fish is still a better day then working.
Well it's about 7:30 and I am going to town and get some bacon and eggs so I can make some Taco's for my friends Wesley and Brandie and myself. Well that is about it for this posting so until the next posting have a great day.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lunch is in the Cooler

Well good morning to all of you on this lovely morning. What a sound it is here with all the birds just a singing and it sounds like a song.
Well I did go fishing last night and cought two pan size catfish and that well be supper tonight. Well tonight will be another fish night, I am going to try and catch enough for a little fish fry with my neighbor.
Things here at camp are going OK being I do not have phone nor inter net services. It's hard when you or away from services and something happens you have no way of getting a hold of any body. Well that just goes with what I am doing I guess. Well I guess that is it for today.
Have a great day,

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What A Man Of God 6/19/14

Doing Work For God
I would like for you to meet Shawn. I met him in Hemphill , Texas pulling this Cross. I had just came out of the Shuttle Museum and there he was a cross the street waving and walking pulling the cross. So I said to myself I need to meet this man of God's Word, so I got in ole Gypsy and went down the street a bid and waited on him. So as he got closer to me we met and started talking to each other and this is what he told me.

Shawn is from the Sn Antonio, Texas area, so back in 2000 he went to an seminar up in Utopia, Texas at the retreat there for men ( and I do know what he is talking about there ) . As the evening begun they all went into prayer and as he prayed to God he ask God had for him. His words to God was, God I want to do more work for you cause as of now I get up eat my breakfast ,go to work, come home and eat my supper then it is bed time and I do that every day. Now God, I am asking to let me know what more that I can for you. So he did not get any answer so he waited until the next prayer section and he said he would pray again to God. Well the third day they had another section and nothing was heard form God , so he went into prayer and ask God the second time still did not here anything.

Now Shawn tells me on the fourth prayer God answered him and said He had the rite plan for him. Well Shawn said he was full of joy until he heard the plan. God's plan was for Shawn to build a cross in his namn and pull it across the United States. Well he told God that was great but he was not a Carpenter like He was , so therefore he could no build one. So God ask him if he was just playing games or was he true to him. He came back and told God it came from his heart. Then God said he would get the cross built and start moving around with it. So God told him again to get the Cross built.But God you to not understand me, I can not build. So now I was left with big problem with the cross. Well Shawn said on the third day that God had told him to get the cross built one showed up on his front porch.

Well Shawn was about thru telling me his story and ask me, if we would meet in Heaven.

What a testimonial,
Will we all me him in Heaven,

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bad Day on My Part 6-18-2014

Well today has been a bad day for me and Gypsy. We were to be at Crater of Diamond's this morning so I thought and it is next week well shit what a screw up, now lets see what I am going to do? Well I have talked to them and I just screwed up. So we drove up to Green Lake and they are all booked to, we proceeded to drive and as of rite know I am at the Pilot in Little Rock, Arkansas. So I am going to spend the night in my truck and just see what happens for tomorrow. , cause I am going to bed,
Until next posting have a great evening,

What The HELL You Mean 6-18-14

What The HELL
Just what I said, what the HELL you mean leaving your trash for someone else to pick it up? Like I said I went down to the Sabine River Public Boat Ramp and this is what I found and what a mess it was. Is this the way you live by leaving your trash everywhere? Well I guess so or you would have not left it there for someone else to pick up. Hay you know who you are and you can't hide forever cause one day you will be caught. The next time you decide to do that just take a extra min. or two to pick it up and depose of it properly, pick up a little of someone's else's and it will make you feel good. Because of you and others like you land owners or starting not to let honest people go on there land cause of people like you. OH buy the way they or not your mother ( the land owner ). So the next time you go hunting or fishing please pick up your trash and a little of the other guys too. Just see how it makes you feel to have a clean place.
Until next time,