Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon Is Here

What do you THINK? Well I think the time is getting closer to the end of time. Anyway lets move on to other things.

How about that lady in Utah killing her six babies? What a shame that is and her old three kid nor the neighbor's knew what was going on. Now that is really heard to believe you know. Some one is blowing smoke somewhere. Well it sure a great site this morning with the moon. For some reason I can not load my pic's, I soon as can I will post a pic.

Well I need to get up and go do soom work. Until next posting have a great day,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Well I am Wondering If?

Well What I an wondering, or we going to knife control know? Well after the Pa. ordeal I am wondering if so A H is going to come up with some kind of knife law. It is looking now, every time we turn around there is some king of a mass deal going down. What in the world is going on with todays people? Is it in the food, water, or the air. Hell maybe it is in all them games that people play today. I don't mean the kids either, there or a lot of adults that play them games also. You know if they have that much free time then they need to get them a job or maybe the grown ups need to get another job so they do not have all that free time on there hands. Maybe we need to start looking at some of these games that they play. The gaming industries does not think it is a problem, but I am thinking the more you sit down in front of the TV and play that stuff the ideals start mounting in your head. Then you break and something happens. 

Just Being Lazy
Now is that not a life, just laying up taking it easy. Being it is not hunting season these little tree rats or every where around the house. Sure would be good slow cooked up in some brown gravy. I think it is getting real close to go fishing cause the sage is a blooming here. Well that is about it for today. Until next posting have a great day,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Well What is Going Today

Well it looks like King George did it again, at the AMA. That's bad for a sixty one year old cowboy from TEXAS. I think most people were shocked when he won it " Male Entertainer of the Year ". The past couple we have been dealing with high winds and T'stormes. Today it has been a steady 23 knots with gust up to 40 knots. Don't Mother know that it is March Winds and April Showers. LOL So that is about all here in Central Texas.

I see they think that they might have found the missing plane. I myself wish they would not say anything more until they find it or they quite the search. It has to be painful on the family's to keep getting there hopes up.

We starting tomorrow it is going to start warming up. I guess it is getting close to Summer time. 

Well I have messing with my E-Bay deals here lately and it is taking to much of my time and really not making that much. Well I guess until next posting that will be all for today. Until next time have a great day,


Friday, April 4, 2014

Well What the HELL is Next

Well it was flight 370, then the mud slides in Washington, and now it is the shooting at Fort Hood, what is next. I think the next bad thing will be flight 370 coming back loaded with bombs and taking out something big. Just a though being there has been no trace whatsoever of the plane nor any derbies. Well that is it for bad news.

Here in Central Texas the flowers or in full bloom and the bee's or really working too. Today was a so,so day due to the bad weather last night . We had bad T'stormes early this morning around three or so. But the rain was much needed want complain about it.

Well on the bright side Jeff Gordon was here in town showing off his new #24 car. The new # 24 was built by Texas A& M and is painted the maroon color with white trim and lettering. Sharp looking car.

Other the that I have been working on setting up me a piddling shop so I can mess around every now and then. Like a Man Cave LOL. Being I have got back on E-Bay and selling again I need some place to repair things I buy to sell on E-Bay. If you want to make money at it you better find you something else to do.

Anyway that is it for now. Until next posting have a great weekend,


What a Bad Day at Ft. Hood

Well Ft. Hood has it again. Yes it had another deadly shooting yesterday. It is a shame that it has happen there but what can we do about it. It seems that the shooter was being treated for P D S T and I think he should been watched a little closer then being done. We need to pray for all the victim's and his family hard and countion praying for peace.

Well today the wind has been blowing hard here in Central Texas all day. They say we might get some server T'stormes tonight " just what we need ". Other then that things or going well here. If this weather will settle down we will go and do some cat fishing down on the river.

Doggie Door
Well I got the doggie door installed. We had French doors in and they were 34 and 3/4" wide 6'4 tall. Well a 34" ext. door is an almost unheard of. So one day we went to Habitat for Humanity and lo-in-behold they had one. What a relief that was. Well I cut in the hole ,installed the doggie door, then cut the door down, and added the spacer and bingo there is the new door.

Well I guess that will be it for today y'all have a blessed day and a great weekend. Until next posting,

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Well Time is Near

Well according to what I am reading the search for flight 370 has it's days numbered. If the time runs out on the battery life of the Black Box then the only way they will find it is by floating debris so I guess that it's days or numbered. Co then it will be one of those mystery in history kind of deals. I still say they need to start looking at some of the abandon air strips and they might find it. Well so much for the missing jet.

Well back here the mud slide is an on going search for missing bodies. I think I heard the count was up to 28 this morning. and still there some missing. We all need to pray for the families of the missing.

Well here in Central Texas we or just taking it one day at a time. Yesterday was a kick back and rest day. Did not do much until around five or so. We went out to the kid's house and repaired the dryer and fed the cows, or should say soon to be cows. lol Well today we or going to try and finish getting the garage cleaned up and get what ever will go into the attic and the rest in the trash. Well that is about all for me to day. So until the next post have a great day and a blessed one too,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well What Is Next

What an or dill, Frist it was the jet ,then the mud slide , and now the earthquake in So. Cal. Well what I am hearing about flight 370 is there a whole lot of trash out there and it is frustrating the searcher's I 'm sure it is and I would think it is very hard on the eyes too. But still no word on it.

Now lets get closer to home out in Ca. The mud slide has taken its toll on everybody that is involved in the search of the missing. That has to be very hard moving threw all that mud and looking for the missing and love ones. Maybe they can move a little faster due to the rains have stopped for a day or two. It seems like there is no rest for the wicked. Now that spring is on us the forest fires come into play now, so what else can come, besides the spring time t'stormes.

Well I started this yesterday and did not finish due to getting side tracked on something else. But I will finish this morning.

My side traction was I got on my bicycle and rode about seven miles and back and did it feel so good for them muscles to burn again. I was going out this morning but it is kind of raining a little, so I will this afternoon maybe.

Did you see that dramatic rescue of that sailboat guy over board. He went over board off one of the sailboats in around world race. It took them ninety min. to get him back on board, what a lucky man to be alive today.

Well in ladies basketball UConn showed why they are # 1 by beating Texas A M last night.

Well things are almost in full bloom here in Central Texas and it is getting closer to T'storme weather here. The rain is OK but the tornados can go somewhere else.

Well I guess I better get up from here and do something, so until next posting have a great day and a blessed one,